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RFP Bicycle and Pedestrian Diversion Program

The Pima Association of Governments (PAG) seeks proposals from qualified professional firms or individuals, either singly or through a joint venture with others, to administer a Bicycle and Pedestrian Diversion Program in the PAG region that educates pedestrians and cyclists issued citations by law enforcement for breaking laws related to bicycling and walking.  This Program will be managed by the Pima Association of Governments (PAG) in coordination with law enforcement agencies and judicial court systems.   The Program will consist of courses that address common infractions by bicyclists and pedestrians from the point-of-view of all road users, explain negative outcomes of unsafe behavior, provide information on community resources, and more.  Following completion of the course or courses, attendees will pay a small fee and have citation fines cleared.

Questions regarding this RFP are to be submitted to PAG in writing by e-mail or fax to the attention of Teresa Ruiz at (520) 620-6981(fax), or by e-mail at:  Questions will be accepted until 2:00 P.M. (local time) April 24, 2015.  Proposers are encouraged to submit their questions as early as possible to allow PAG adequate time to prepare accurate and comprehensive responses. It is the responsibility of potential candidates to monitor the Web postings to ensure they have all up-to-date information on the proposal requirements.

All proposals must be received by PAG on or before May 11, 2015 by 3:00 p.m..  Proposals will be opened at 3:15 p.m. PAG reserves the right to disqualify any and all proposals, which are not in accordance with the prescribed requirements of this RFP.

The award of a contract for this project is anticipated to occur around May 15, 2015.  The contract may be renewed, based on vendor performance, for up to 5 (five) years.

All questions regarding this RFP should be directed to Teresa Ruiz, PAG Procurement Officer, at (520) 792-1093 extension 4438, e-mail

Request for Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) for Website Assessment

PAG needs to bring its website up to date. We have many continually expanding web pages, links, meeting agendas, plans and documents, which need both organization and process improvement. We would like to reduce the number of web pages by at least 40 percent, from 1,000 to 600. We also wish to see a reduction in the number of links throughout website.
We are seeking best practices on streamlining the maintenance when archiving documents, utilizing text + graphics when building new web pages and building a primary menu for intuitive web page navigation.

  • SOQ Website Assessment (pdf)
  • Added 04/17/2015
    • Question: I noticed all your sites are built in ASP. My team is not experts in ASP. We do most of our projects in PHP and HTML5. My question is - Do you have a database in ASP? Is there some reason you need to stick with ASP as opposed to switching to PHP?
    • Answer: Pima Association of Governments web sites are based primarily around DotNetNuke(DNN) that is running under IIS, Windows Server, and SQL Server with some additional custom ASP pages and ASP.Net applications.  Proposals that incorporate another platform or content management system should include the necessary steps, requirements, pros and cons for the change as part of the process plan for the project.

Upon completion of the website assessment, PAG will consider negotiating a contract with the selected website solutions company to proceed with a redesign/rebuild of the PAG website(s).

Proposals must be postmarked by April 22, 2015, or sealed and delivered by 5 p.m. to:

Teresa Ruiz
Contracts Administrator
Pima Association of Governments
1 E. Broadway Blvd., Suite 401
Tucson, AZ 85701


Contact Information

Teresa Ruiz
Pima Association of Governments
1 E Broadway Blvd, Suite 401
Tucson, AZ 85701

Phone: (520) 792-1093
Fax: (520) 620-6981

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